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3 Ways E-cigarettes Are Way Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

The general public has been aware of the incredible dangers of smoking tobacco for quite some time now, and quitting smoking has been a high-priority issue for thousands upon thousands of people every single year. Smoking cessation products are a huge business, into the billions of dollars to be exact, and not all of them work, or there would be a lot fewer cigarette smokers. One of the latest products to hit the market, to help people quit smoking, has been the electronic cigarette, now called E cigarettes, and they seem to be one of the more popular ways to kick the tobacco habit.

What the e-cigarette consists of is, a small cartridge that contains the nicotine and flavor, then a battery-powered heater that vaporizes the liquid in small doses ready to be inhaled. These E cigarettes are designed to have the look and feel of a real tobacco cigarette, but not put out all the harmful smoke and carcinogens that are associated with smoking. But, are E-cigarettes for you, can they help you with quitting smoking or some other major problem in your life? Okay, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons and advantages and disadvantages of E cigarettes over tobacco.

Of course the major problem with tobacco cigarettes are the thousands of different carcinogens that are contained in the smoke. These carcinogens are dangerous for the smoker as well as anyone trying to breathe in the same room. On this particular point E cigarettes win hands down, as they emit almost no smoke. It is possible to sit right next to someone who’s smoking an e-cigarette and not smell anything, or, depending on flavor that they are smoking, only detect a slight odor. In addition to that, E-cigarettes cut out about 92% of all harmful carcinogens that are usually contained in tobacco smoke. So, your lungs will thank you as well as your throat, tongue, teeth, and those around you for not polluting the air with harmful cancer-causing agents.

Another major problem with tobacco cigarettes is the nicotine that they contain. You basically have no idea exactly how much nicotine you are getting from each cigarette that you smoke. Nicotine has been proven to be harmful to your heart, circulatory system, and nearly every other part of your body in some way. With an electronic cigarette you have the ability to precisely regulate how much nicotine you’re inhaling each and every time. And additionally you can reduce the amount of nicotine gradually to eventually kick the smoking habit completely over time. Nicotine has been shown to be one of the most addictive chemicals ever discovered by man, and quitting cold turkey is one of the most difficult tasks that many smokers will ever attempt in their lifetimes. After a smoker has tried the nicotine gum, patch, or hypnosis and failed, it’s quite possible that e cigs¬†could be the answer.

A problem that most smokers don’t even notice or realize, is the incredible amount of tar and smoke stains that they deposit everywhere they go when they smoke. Repainting a home that is been lived in by a smoker can be a major, and very expensive job, due to the incredible amounts of smoke deposits on the walls, ceiling, carpets and belongings of a smoker. Many times a complete house will need to be cleaned with powerful chemicals, then primer painted with expensive primer, before even beginning to paint the house. A carpet in a home where smoker lives will sometimes need to be completely removed, the floor sealed, then new carpet installed before the house can be sold on the real estate market. An e-cigarette produces none of the tar and smoke associated with regular tobacco cigarettes, and can therefore save thousands of dollars in cleaning, painting, and replacement costs for those wanting to sell a home.

There are a lot of different reasons to not smoke tobacco cigarettes. In nearly every comparison of health, safety, health of those around you, and the appearance of your home and belongings E cigarettes is a major step in the right direction. Due to the ease of regulating the nicotine content they seem to be an excellent method to help smokers kick the habit while still enjoying the urge to smoke.

Choosing An E Cigarette Over Traditional Cigarettes

If you are a smoker, there is bound to be one time or another where you start to think about kicking the habit. Today, there are plenty of things that you can do that will help you to quit smoking and start leading a healthier lifestyle. Many smokers are now turning to an e cigarette to help give them the satisfaction of smoking without taking in all of the harsh and dangerous chemicals. The more you learn about electronic cigarettes, the more you will see just why they are becoming so wildly popular with smokers on all levels.

The e cigarettes is basically a personal vaporizer that is also often referred to as an ENDS or electronic nicotine delivery system. This is a device that is battery powered to work as a simulator that closely resembles the feel as well as the flavor of smoking. When the user takes a puff off of the e cigarette, it will produce a vapor that actually resembles smoke. This takes place through the atomizer inside that works to vaporize the liquid nicotine solution. There are some solutions that will have a mixture of flavorings along with nicotine, however you can also get them without nicotine.

When the original personal vaporizers were released, they were made to closely resemble smoking either a cigar or cigarette depending on the user’s choice. Not only did they feel just like the real thing, they also looked like it and gave a flavor that was extremely close. Now, you have a wider range of options in terms of vessel as well as the type of vapor that you get. For a lot of people buying a personal vaporizer today it is quite an experience. All you have to do is look around at all of the options that are available and you are sure to find one, if not several models that you would like to try or own.

The wonderful thing about a personal vaporizer is that you can take it with you and use it just about anywhere. For the most part, establishments that do not allow smoking will allow the use of a personal vaping device. This is a smokeless device that does not emit any sort of odor, so it is able to be used just about anywhere including restaurants and clubs that may not otherwise allow tobacco smoke.

If you are thinking of kicking the habit of smoking altogether, you are going to see that an e cigarette could be your best option. Because you are able to manipulate the amount of nicotine that you take in, you have the ability to cut back on it little by little until you are free from the addiction. Since you can still go through the motions of smoking in a very closely simulated manner, you will never feel as though you are missing out on smoking a real tobacco cigarette. Whether you purchase an e cigarette for pleasure or to quit, you are going to find that this is a purchase that is worthwhile.